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Science Days 2010

ngnlab.eu - a virtualized laboratory infrastructure

Sebastian Schumann
Department of Telecommunications, Slovak University of Technology
Bratislava, Slovakia


The NGNLab at the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava had the goal to set-up an NGN testbed platform based on open-source technologies. It should stimulate innovations in Next-Generation Networks (NGN) technologies and provide an environment for prototyping and research for STU researchers and students. The laboratory has been founded in 2002.

In 2008, the NGNLab team started to deploy its services under the ngnlab.eu umbrella. The initiative is devoted to NGN and to technology and services that NGN provides. Within the Netlab project, Slovak Telekom, a.s. (ST) contributed as well to the success and current state of ngnlab.eu.

With the topic of virtualization in mind, the author wants to present the ngnlab.eu infrastructure at STU and ST. The presentation introduces the NGNLab “yesterday” with facts and visions.

The NGNLab started as a next generation communication infrastructure on STU Bratislava and facilitated a playground to implement results of research in the area of IP based services. Its vision was to provide an open and transparent server and service infrastructure.

The new ngnlab.eu became with its “opening” for more partners a virtual laboratory. Several partners will extend the long-term successful cooperation between STU and ST. The author presents the existing laboratories at both initial partners with focus on virtualization.

The author outlines as well that virtualization will not be only covered in the expected regard of applications that are hosted and deployed in the laboratory, but also with focus on the distribution of the existing ngnlab.eu infrastructure and also the networking.

The detailed part of the presentation mentions several virtualization techniques that are currently used in ngnlab.eu (full virtualization and hardware-assisted virtualization, paravirtualization, OS-level virtualization) and the deployed software. The possibility of virtual networking is outlined as well, as it provides several benefits for the set-up.

In a final example, a deployed showcase is discussed and all introduced parts where virtualization comes into play are recapitulated.


The slide set is available for download.