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51st International Symposium ELMAR 2009

Building complex Voice over IP (VoIP) applications based on open-source

S. Schumann, O. Labaj, P. Podhradsky
Slovak University of Technology


The paper summarizes and proofs that existing VoIP programs are powerful and flexible enough to build complex applications. The applications are independent and can be used either stand-alone or within carrier-grade Telco environments. The described example of building a call center application (outbound calling) shows the power that lies not only in existing open-source Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) servers, but also in simple SIP tools. The costs for implementing those systems are at a very low level, as the functions each project performs are rather kept simple, but the combination possibilities are tremendously flexibility. The presented application has been deployed successfully within NGNlab as a Proof of Concept (PoC).



The presented slide set is available on request.


The paper is available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.