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I work currently at Slovak Telekom, a.s. in the application and platform innovation department. As a Service Platform Development Expert I am concentrating on and extending my previous focal points on Telco service evolution and convergence with web architectures (or why I believe in it). I work on a variety of projects covering a wide scope (communications, content, applications, platforms). Since many years I am moving the area of new service creation and implementation forward by advocating the vision of alternative architectural strategies for operators to better meet actual market needs. I am also coordinating the activities around WebRTC within Slovak Telekom and am keen on establishing competence in this area far beyond "browser telephony". This work includes technology/business strategic planning, coordination and active development of complete prototypes as well as relevant infrastructures, and understanding the continuous learning process within a Telco as well as propagating lessons learned to wider audiences. I have a "non-conservative" mindset in that regard and hope to contribute positively towards the change that is currently happening within our industry. I have been the technical manager for Joyn by Jibe Mobile (RCS 5.1 based communications). The service has been launched in market in June 2014. My work involved coordination of the local technical delivery, testing, and cooperation with the project/marketing. In the past my work was mainly dealt with the core voice network and related architectures. I have been involved in projects and design work in the area of application architecture and design, VoIP/NGN/IMS platforms, presence/instant messaging (SIP, XMPP, RCS), web service integration, new service creation and implementation, and the general evolution towards a converged service architecture. Moreover, I coordinate several students' projects within my company. In case you need a biography, please use one of the following. **Long bio:**

Sebastian Schumann is with Slovak Telekom - the largest Telecom operator in Slovakia - for more than nine years. He works in the application and platform innovation department as a Service Platform Development Expert in the area of the evolution of communication services.

Sebastian has been involved in quite a few innovative projects within Slovak Telekom. In the beginning of his career, he was one of the main motivators and designer for an open-source based platform to deliver best-effort Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. He has also been a member of the design team for various IMS projects. He was the technical manager of Joyn, which has been launched successfully in 2014. Sebastian has also been involved in the migration of legacy platforms towards IP based communications enabler.

In parallel to his work for Slovak Telekom, Sebastian does a doctorate at the Slovak University of Technology, which focuses on next-generation identity management and its potential in service personalization and collaboration. He published several papers mainly about presence management, next-generation Telco infrastructures, and service convergence. His publications include a paper in a special issue of the IEEE Computer Magazine, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

Sebastian have obtained the Cambridge ESOL: Business English Certificate Higher and has a strong inter-cultural experience (working and living in Bratislava, Slovakia for more than nine years) in both daily work in a foreign environment as well as multi-national project teams.

Sebastian received his Dipl.-Inf. (FH) degree (graduate engineer) in 2007 at the Deutsche Telekom Hochschule für Telekommunikation in Leipzig, Germany. He studied telecommunications and computer sciences for four years and finished his studies excellently. During his studies, he focused mainly on next-generation networks (NGN) and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS). Sebastian took part in establishing the first NGN laboratory in his alma mater.

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**Short bio:**

Sebastian Schumann is a Service Platform Development Expert, who works in the application and platform innovation department in Slovak Telekom, a.s. His lead expertise is the evolution of communication services, focusing on IP based Telco platforms (incl. the evolution of legacy equipment) and their convergence within the ever-growing competitive service market. He works in the area of new service creation and implementation and advocates the vision of alternative architecture strategies for operators to better meet actual market needs. Sebastian coordinates the internal WebRTC activities of Slovak Telekom and is very keen on establishing competence in this area far beyond "browser telephony".

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