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I was a member of the European research project about Next-Generation Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB-Next). The project has been sponsored by the 7. Framework Program of the European Union.

My work in the project involved

More information about HBB-Next can be found at the European Comission.


The target of HBB-Next is an open, web-based advanced middleware framework for seamless integration of broadcast and Internet content. The technical features are enhanced by bringing in social-networking group features such as group recommendations. The framework provides multimodal multi-device user identity management to solve the privacy and trust issues around Hybrid Broadcast Internet TV. It supplies advanced A/V synchronisation capabilities and cloud offloading mechanisms that make the HBB-Next framework practical and inclusive for application developers and users.

Project Deliverables

I contributed to the following deliverables:

All project deliverables can be made available on request.